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    Once you hit submit, you will see a list of all banks' home loan interest rates syndicated realtime on the next page, arranged in ascending order for your convenience. You can also toggle to find out how much monthly payment is required for each package.

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    Rates change frequently. Our free alert service notifies you every time there is a new home loan promotion by any of the 16 banks. You can unsubscribe anytime.

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    We are the largest mortgage firm in Singapore financing approximately S$2billion worth of home loan each year.

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    Mortgage should be simple

    Our mortgage advisor can speak to you to help you understand technical terms like TDSR, MSR, SIBOR, SOR so you dont get overwhelmed with research.

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    As promised, our loan comparison service is 100% free for you. Should you decide to proceed with your loan, the banks pay us a standard fee.

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    We have been in property industry for more than 7 years. With an understanding of the market, we help you find the best deal.

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